Once in a thousand years, the planets align and the solar eclipse signals the beginning of a cruel game that had been played on Earth for countless millennia. The forces of light and darkness gather their champions, two individuals at the brink of desperation, to battle for the fate of humanity.

EXORCISTA and SLAVER, the eternal names of the champions, are granted extraordinary powers to destroy each other. The stakes are immense, as the lives, minds, and souls of all mankind hang in the balance.


Exorcista vs Slaver

This time, a girl and a boy were selected as the champions. Their memories were wiped clean, and they were filled with a single purpose, to destroy each other. The great forces of the universe watched as the battle began.

The girl, Exorcist, fought with all her might, wielding the power of light to strike down her opponent. But Slaver, the boy, was just as fierce, using his dark powers to resist her attacks.

First mission

Kremlin, Moscow. The battle rages on. Exorcista defeats the minions, destroys the Mausoleum and the demon of Lenin, and the Kremlin explodes along with all the evil within it.

Waking up from a nightmare where she destroyed buildings and demons, the girl turned on her TV and realized that she was Exorcista, and that the Kremlin and the demonic forces had actually been destroyed while she 'slept'. She decided to use her powers to fight against global evil, moved to the United States, and began working for the FBI. At the same time, she continued her mission as Exorcista, searching for Slaver, to defeat him and to free the Earth.