More Than Just a Superhero


"Join the fight for freedom today and experience the power of EXORCIST!"

Exorcista Victoria Unikel

Who is Exorcista?

Introducing the ultimate superhero for our times - EXORCISTA, the witchcraft killer and master of spirits! The upcoming graphic novel and NFT series is the brainchild of Victoria Unikel, who created the iconic character in 2007 to lead her controversial political industrial rock group. The first limited series comic book was published on Comixology.

EXORCISTA is more than an individual, it is a mission and a calling that is bestowed upon one person every millennium to defend the forces of righteousness and virtue. This superhero unites all belief systems and mythologies in their quest to combat evil with the strength of illumination.

The world of Exorcista is rich with complex characters and themes that are both timely and timeless. From political intrigue and social justice to supernatural powers and epic battles, Exorcista's story is a reflection of our own world, with all its flaws and possibilities.

About the Author

Victoria Unikel is an acclaimed and versatile international artist, performer, producer, writer, and media mogul.

Victoria Unikel has authored numerous screenplays and has been in Entertainment for most of her life on two continents. Victoria's vision for Exorcista is constantly evolving, and she is currently developing a thrilling series of graphic novels that delve deeper into the character's story. Through these graphic novels, Victoria hopes to explore the superhero's origins and her journey to becoming the powerful force for good that she is today.

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"Join the fight for freedom today and experience the power of EXORCISTA!"


Fight for Freedom

EXORCISTA – superhero and witchcraft killer. Wears a gold medallion that symbolizes her powers. She is an expert at edged weapons; swords are her favorites. Fires lightning bolts and can fly. Controls the spirits of all faiths and mythologies.

But EXORCISTA is much more than just a superhero. It's a radical concept that brings together all religions and mythologies to fight against true evil. Rather than dividing people, EXORCISTA unites them in a common cause - the fight for freedom against all forces that seek to enslave us.

"The fight for freedom against all forces that seek to enslave us"

Graphic Novel

With this new graphic novel, you can join EXORCIST on her incredible adventures. Immerse yourself in the world of EXORCISTA and witness the superhero's battles against evil first-hand. With every turn of the page or click of the mouse, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

"Whether you're a fan of superheroes, graphic novels, or NFTs, EXORCISTA has something for everyone"


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